Friday, May 29, 2009

What is important? - Day 25

It's been quite a journey since I've began Herbalife. I've been through so much with gathering myself, my tools, the lessons, the hardship, and now I'm learning how to balance family in there. I've been living most of my life without family, as you have found that out in my previous posts. So now that I am surrounded by love and family, there is a new experience to balance along with running my Herbalife enterprise. A couple of years ago the herbalife products, mostly niteworks, has truly saved my dad's life. My dad suffered from a stroke and about seventy to eighty percent of his heart was damaged from using drugs. He had thirty days to improve his heart condition by fifteen to twenty percent. I got him using the niteworks and in thirty days his heart improved by thirty-five to forty percent, resulting in him avoiding a surgery to put in a stint. Three years has passed since and my dad is doing well. He is smoking like crazy! A couple of days ago he totaled his car because he had a coughing spell and blacked out. He was safe but his car was totaled. I often realize if there is anything one can do? I often question my dad's behavior, and ask if he truly has the will to live? Today was a very important day for my dad and I. I was able to spend the day with him and ask him my life's most pressing questions. I had put my herbalife work on the side today. I did two retail presentations and got two new customers this morning. I could not pass the opportunity to spend with my dad. Since I've known my father, I had not the opportunity to ask some things that I questioned. I asked what was the relationship with my mom like? I asked if they fought alot when she was pregnant. I asked if they got along once I was born. I asked if they had fights in front of me. I was just a curious cat. I learned something quite interesting from a quick mastermind with my friend Yvonne about the biology of belief which is why I asked. Perhaps it is true that most of our programming begins when we are in the mothers womb up until six years of age and the programming stops. All the mind chatter we hear all stems from that time of programming. What if it is true?
I still am maintaining my momentum. The work I am doing today will be my next week, next month, next meeting. It's great to keep up with the numbers.

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