Friday, May 8, 2009

4th day of the 90 day plan

One thing I have learned from my mentor in Herbalife is that our business is "flexible but not optional." Today was a flexible day. The people that I needed to respond to yesterday that were at the bottom of my list made it to the top of my calls today so that list of calls are done.
I invested time today into learning some amazing and time ready concepts that my mentor has taught me. This is my personal development log for today:
What I learned today is there no such thing as giving too much love. I also learned that I am a powerful messenger who can stand proud for who I am. It’s okay to be me. I learned that when I feel myself tightening up inside, it is sign for me to stop and breath, allowing the information that is being given and taught to process. Tightness could represent itself as information overload.

I now see myself as an amazing leader who my other leaders are depending on to synergize our learning and concepts. My part as a leader is to listen to my leaders as they express what they are desiring to learn and to give open and encouraging feedback. I learn through osmosis and synergy.

Today I got 1 new retail customer, 4 invitations to the business.
I'm happy about our business being flexible but not optional, because I know when the week is over my numbers will match or even exceed what the goal is on my gauges.

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