Sunday, May 24, 2009

Intuition-Day 20

Today is Saturday and it turned out to be a great day. The way my work week runs is getting the exact number of invitations to the Herbalife Opportunity Meeting on Tuesdays and Saturdays. These two days gauge my results of how many people actually show up then this way I can calculate my percentages. This week Tuesday I had nine guests show up and today I had two. Which leaves me on track for the number of presentations I should have for the week which is or over ten. Although I haven't signed anyone yet who's ready to do the "business", I have signed two new wholesale distributors or preferred customers who enjoy using the products at a discount. On my way to the meeting this morning, I had a confirming insight or intuition. I found myself focusing my mental energy towards making sure my guests show up (sigh) when I realized that I have done the numbers. I used to use this pattern of thinking when I wasn't doing the numbers and wishing and hoping people will show. But this is different, I no longer have to wish or hope, I expect people to show because I trust the Universal laws are working with me which is why I take daily action.
My intuition said it's not my business to put energy there. My focus is to be used energizing my vision and to be very clear with where I want to go. I must allow the universe to help me in this way that It will do it's job in bringing the people in. I felt a strange comfort in knowing this and it turned out to be a wonderful day.
My pipeline of presentations is getting full, so my next step now is to master the follow up. I know by doing great follow up, even though people may not be ready now, I have a feeling that when they are they'll be back. I hear them saying now or in the very near future "Shannon I am ready." Why not? People are looking for a good company today with good people and that's what Herbalife can offer them.

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