Friday, May 15, 2009

Courage to be Transparent-Day 11

I'm struggling to find the words for this blog and topic only because it is my standards of integrity to tell the truth.
I've made some good choices today and some not so good choices today. So let me begin with the good ones first. I'm struggling with this only because I expressed so clearly yesterday about coming full circle with integrity and today I fell short of that in the area of completing my daily goals.
Today did begin as an incredible day, mentoring my new distributor and following up with my retail customers. Then I had to do something grandma asked me to do at a specific time and that had to be done. But because this specific time cut into my time that I was supposed to get leads, going out to get leads didn't happen and as time crept in, I talked myself out of it. I had an awesome healing moment with one of my mentors today and that taught me that I have yet to look into areas of my life that require some deep emotional healing and letting go. Now for the rest of the week I will choose to focus myself back on track. I'm teaching myself to never fall short, to lead with being the exceptional one which means I always stay good to what I say I will do which is meeting the numbers. Now I just assigned myself double duty for the remainder of the week. With the help from others I know it's possible for me to continue to paddle downstream. I believe I can go the extra mile and do double duty. I believe life and playing the game doesn't have to be a hard struggle, but only a game to have fun and be played. Tomorrow I'm drawing another line in the sand and doing it again.

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  1. Actually the numbers and the work didn't look like such a big number to accomplish! I figured out that I got to average 32 leads per day for the next 3 days, which is no problem for me. I have mastered getting leads. I've got to have an average of 7invites per day for the next 3 days. I believe I can do this with ease.