Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back on Track

I've kept you guys in the dark about my life for an entire month! I have forgiven myself for this and there has just been so much exciting and not so exciting things happening in my life. I have completed my ninety day plan and in the last two months as far as my Herbalife business goes I have brought in five new supervisors. My personal volume for June was over nine thousand and for the month of July just over six thousand. Not quite where I want it to be but pretty darn incredible considering I hardly worked. Another reason why I was resistant to blogging. So that is where I'm at in my business. As for my personal growth, it has been a long stretch out from my structures of knowing. Everyday I decide to draw a line in the sand. I have been surrendering most of life to the unknown and have put full faith into my mentors to tell me what to do and where to go on my path. The knowledge that I have has brought me to where I am and if I choose to be, do and have more I've got to get used to another plan and another way of doing things. This is not comfortable however I am willing. I have been getting used to acknowledging myself for the preparations I have made and congratulating myself more for each step I take forward putting one foot in front of the other. I have been surrendering to my team of mentors for help every step of the way. I take one step and I check in to make sure I am not falling down on the wayside. I am over having bruised knees from falling, however, the fall is what has made me stronger and wiser. Everyday I set an intention for the day. Everyday I ask and look for a miracle. When the miracle and sychronicity appears I focus on it, I dwell on it, I giggle about it and soon after another one appears and this cycle continues until I put my head down on the pillow. Living life with ease is much more fun. Deciding everyday that the day is easy and effortless produces such an effervescent, light and free energy that it matches my true being and my true nature. Another chapter on that. Living true to my nature.
Let's turn the page and let the games begin.