Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally An Emotional Breakthrough-Day 43

What a healing day it has been for me! The floodgates of emotions and releasing were opened today. I was so overdue for this. I listened to my body's wisdom when it asked for me to go on a 5 mile run. I did.  I ran through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods here in Hawaii on the east side of the island called Portlock, where multi-million dollar homes are built overlooking the coast. I had a deja-vu moment while running up one of the hills. I had a shiver down my spine and for a moment I believed I have been there in my dreams. I passed by the house that I was living my dream. I dreamt of that place twice. Wow! At first I was resistant to running in this new territory. I wanted to run through what was already familiar to me (doesn't it sound familiar?) It was one of the most hardest and most pushed runs I had put myself through and it was so worth it! I could my body responding, my energy blocks being cleared, I now feel grounded. I think my body detoxed a little afterward because after the run I wasn't feeling too well. After a nice cool down and a hot shower. Talked with a good friend and she helped me in releasing the hurt, anguish and pain that I have been carrying around regarding the relationship I have with my birth mother. She asked many questions until I was ready to release. And I did. I surrendered. I feel lighter, safer, loved and free. I know I can still go there to that place and do more forgiving and healing. We have an incredible relationship and I am grateful for that. Now with swollen eyes worth having I am will have a good nights rest. Thank you for reading and allowing me to share.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reflecting on Many Inner Messages-Day 49

As the world turns. Many inner messages have been revealing themselves to me through intuition, reading, guidance,and physical mentors. The transition of Michael Jackson had stirred many emotions within myself. Quite shocking and sad his passing, however, the view I take from it is a blessing. His soul choose to leave the earth as it has fulfilled it's mission in life. Michael not only left a strong message of love and healing but he also left a legacy that will touch millions who are not even born yet. This is quite a revelation. Michaels passing has also brought me to a place of deep reflection in my own life. The emotions that I am feeling in this moment are heavy. I haven't quite felt the emotion of grieving before. I did really good all of my life trying to stuff emotions down, numb the pain and not have to deal with it. As I have matured spiritually and personally I have learned to express them, feel them, and feel safe in them. This is not an easy process. I have been releasing a lot of guilt and bringing unconscious behaviors into the light of my consciousness. I have been expanding and venturing into unknown territory. I have surrendered to knowing. I am often in awe of my journey and just how much I have been through to grow. When I reflect on my life in such a short five years of being in Herbalife, I have grown, been stretched, reached out and expanded. Today is an inspiring day. Although I am mesmerized with my findings, I am thrilled and eager to see where I will be headed next. Many wonderful and great things are transpiring here in Herbalife Hawaii, and we all are stepping up and stepping out. The way the Universe is conspiring in our favor as always, it's interesting watching my life unfold.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Spiritual Growth-Day 42

I believe having an expanded view of my lifes events helps me to understand the personal growth and story that goes with it. It's been quite challenging in the last week or so for myself as I am stepping into the unknown. I believe the more I keep the visions I have for myself and for others helps me to keep my thoughts focused in the higher energies. I recently learned that the experience of all the emotions in our lives are healthy. Without labeling them as good or bad but rather just feeling them, knowing how these emotions and energies feel in the body. I went back to using a tool called The Process that Robert Scheinfeld shares in his book "Busting Loose." I believe that life is an illusion. All things are illusions. It's all just smoke and mirrors. The process is quite wonderful. This is the tool that I will stick to and work with. This is a new chapter in my life and day by day I am writing the words.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where Have I Been? Day-38

Really, where have I been? Where do I begin...I realized I have not checked in to my blog now for 4 days, forgive me. The observer in me has been grounded in awareness, but the ego part of me has been all over the place! I have had to take a really hard look at my lifestyle to then decide to have the willingness to change. Conquering negative thinking may require some major changes not just mental ones, but emotional and physical ones as well-what is generally known as your lifestyle. We may have to change "habits." The Koran states "God changes not what is in a people, until they change what is in themselves.
Change may not be comfortable and change may not be easy. It takes courage to take an honest look at one's life, discover what's no longer working, and then change it.
I've made a quick decision in a day and it took me 4 days to live out the decision! It took me 4 days to get into taking action on the decision. The decision to eliminate cigarette smoke from my life is a huge milestone for me and a worthy one. This was the last thing for me towards the hero's journey of integrity. I'm happy to say that it has been 4 days and I'm done. It's interesting because giving up that habit has allowed me to discover other patterns in my life. Patterns of thinking, looking back into the past etc. This has been a tremendous journey, and I appreciate every step of the way. By letting go of this "old part" of me, this one that has a whole lot of history attached to it, feels so good, liberating and freeing. This is my time. Keeping my visualization of the end result of letting this part of me go is what is keeping me going. I am back on track in this new week with my 90 day plan. Keeping on with momentum is important, we do not want to "fizzle" out. I am now happy and joyful and with each new day brings to me more clarity to the highest good. Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate you too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ego Management-Debbie Ford

As a phase 2 player of the game of life, I have created the answer to this ego management dilemma. Here is what Debbie Ford writes:
It is your soul's journey to bring into balance all of what you are -- the coexistence of opposites, the divine integration of the sum of all the parts. It is the soul's journey to enroll the ego in the quest for the ultimate victory -- the evolution of your own individual consciousness. But the journey must begin by choosing between two forces: one has the power to lead you to new heights; the other can keep you pinned down to a past that is filled with limitation and dread. Don't be fooled. You're living either an ego-driven life or one that is soul centered.

The soul discerns with a laserlike sharpness. The ego judges and rejects with disdain and aggressiveness. The soul takes responsibility.The ego blames and transfers responsibility. The soul moves through life with grace. The ego moves through life with sloppiness, chaos, and drama. The soul feels good about who it is and what it wants and needs to sustain itself, to grow and evolve. The ego never has enough; it can never leave well enough alone or see beyond the current circumstances. It is entitled, confused and feels stuck.

The ego is tirelessly swimming against the current, while the soul sits back and floats in the direction that life is moving in. You're either being guided by your soul or driven by your ego. At any time, you have access to either of these lifestyles, and to all the experiences and emotions they bring with them.

So after reading these short paragraphs, I realized that all there was for me to do in the midst of the turmoil was to choose the journey of my sweet soul -- to tune in, to listen even more deeply and to stay committed to a higher vibration -- the vibration of love, peace and soul's success.

So of course I'll ask you like I asked myself, "What can you do this week to make this human experience more loving, more honest and more soulful?" I hope you remember that, in the midst of an ego attack, you too can choose a higher vibration. It is the only true path to your soul's success.

This Too Shall Pass-Day 34

When I can remind myself that this too shall pass, I believe that it would be much easier for me to realize that I am experiencing a moment of growth. The moment to see things and my life from a much higher perspective. A couple of days ago, I fell victim to the ego, going unconscious and not being able to see myself as who I really am. I saw myself as who I am not. It's awesome to have mentors who can help and pull you out from where you are, but sometimes as a leader, I must be willing to implement what I already know. I'm grateful to have people like Kellie in my life because she's been here where I am before. I can reach out and ask for help when I'm not feeling right. I realize I am shifting when my physical body shows signs of manifestations of the mind. About a week ago I broke out in what looks like a rash covering my arms and legs. I thought at first it was because of the flea infestation we had in our yard and in our home, but since it's been a week since we had taken care of the problem, I realized I had to take responsibility for what was happening to my body. I looked up the probable cause in Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life under "itchy" and "rash" and the determining cause in the mind reads this: Desires that go against the grain, unsatisfied, remorse, itching to get out or get away, irritation over delays, babyish way to get attention, protects our individuality, anxiety, fear, being threatened. When I take at look at this and willing to tell the truth about it, it's amazing how the problematic cause goes away with simple affirmations of affirming the truth. To affirm that I am safe to be me, I am at peace with where I am, I accept my good knowing that all my needs and desires will be fulfilled. I'm still itchy *laughing* but I am grateful for the body to show me where I must shift my thinking. It's just old patterns surfacing as I am transitioning to next level, and the ego is being a little irritated because she loves to keep me in the comfort zone and I'm done being here. I'm still working my ninety plan, however, where I am at in the game, everyday must be lived consciously. I must be conscious at all times. The first gauge is how am I feeling everyday.
I understand now when Jim Rohn says "We must work harder on ourselves than we do at our businesses." This is where the work of a true leader begins. I surrender to my purpose. I surrender it all. This is much easier. The willingness to just let go!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Managing Self-Talk-Day 33

I think I've got to get better at managing constructive criticism. Somewhere in my program, I feel when I recieve constructive criticism I hear the voice that says "See I told you were not good enough" or "You're working hard for nothing." When I hear those voices in the head that are not empowering, I find myself wrapping around it, repeating it over and over. This makes me feel drained, tired, and so not being productive. Here is what I experience and maybe you might too. I don't like to make the calls and I stop caring. It's like going up and down. Sometimes I feel I just want to quit. I know shocking, however, this is a journey of being transparent. Tonight I will say a prayer, maybe it's that ego that wants to control everything and I will surrender these types of thoughts to the Divine. This has worked before. I can do it again. I'm hanging in there. I believe this is where I am strengthening the "having faith in myself" muscle. I am willing to acknowledge it and shake it off. Tomorrow is a new day!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hot Day in Hawaii! - Day 31

Summertime and the living is easy...was the mantra for me today. Walking around downtown today in the hot summer heat I could feel myself getting dizzy and light-headed. I wasn't sure if the feeling was a "feel good" type of feeling when my brain releases endorphins or if the feeling was caused by the heat? Well I managed quite beautifully throughout the day. I have accumulated one hundred twenty-five leads in three days so my actual numbers have met my goal for the first week. I have eight more invitations to the business presentation for my actual number to meet the goal of fifty.
Quite truthfully, I felt disconnected from being on purpose today. I failed to connect myself prior to starting my day, and I can "feel" a difference in my energy. I observed myself working with force. It was very different from how I worked yesterday. It just takes more effort and I choose to work effortless. I know I can work effortlessly only when I choose to invest two minutes a day, relaxed and focused on the goal that brings me joy. I know how to do this now because I did it the day before, however, like anything else it takes discipline.
I have got to upload a new program that says "I have all the energy to fulfill my goals and dreams." The program that is installed right now says "huh, the heat makes me tired!" Well no wonder after a few hours walking around downtown in the hot, dusty streets I come home and I'm wiped out?" I think this is funny, but it will change. Something within is urging me to look and assess where I am at in building a team and if I am clear and doing the action that say's I do. This is quite an interesting message. I have got to get better at following up. I have got to get very clear on always knowing what is my distributors next step. Give them a call to action and follow up on that. Yes, this makes sense. I just answered my own question. This always fascinates me. Did you know that if you can ask the question, you already know the answer?

Friday, June 5, 2009

This is Officially the 30th day!

I love learning. When I can take what a mentor says and implement the next day, I know I can call myself a great student. I had a session with my mentors last night and we noticed in our mastermind that I have a few repeated patterns that need to be fixed right away. One observation we made was the pattern of allowing myself to get away with less than the minimum requirement of numbers. I resolved that and today went out and created seventy-five leads in about four hours of work time. My actual goal for the day was eighty, (see a pattern) *laughing* however, when I look at my week, I could see that if I had not gone out to accumulate at least eighty, I would have started this new month with being behind and I certainly could not let that happen. I learned in the past that when I fall behind on the numbers it is so hard to catch up so forget it, I'd rather get it done now. When I go out tomorrow, I will accumulate twenty-five. I have just been asking around if anyone could use an extra $500 to $1000 part time. Most people today of course say "yes!" along with the normal objections which to me are all the same.

I wanted to share some personal development from one of the books I have been reading called "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind." I love this book because I am learning to have a relationship with my mind and trusting that part of me to produce the results that I desire. For many years my perception of my mind or the relationship with it was like an enemy. Blaming it for producing things that I don't want, however, it produces what ever feeling or thought I put into it! I really got an aha, when I put myself in to a quick relaxation "playing" with the idea that in six months I will be at the global expansion team. For just two minutes in my imagination, I had tears flowing from my eyes from the joy and gratitude I had felt in that moment, receiving all the recognition that my makes my personality tic. I thought wow, it's that simple. The rest of the day was a breeze! I found myself in effortless creation and believing that "easy does it." I truly felt like an avatar walking on water in a very humble and kind sense. I could feel my energy in such a high vibration that people really were looking at me like I was someone really important wearing that work from home button! All the reflections of myself today showed me that I am well-respected in what I do and that made me feel so awesome!

I'm eager to see what's next. Let's continue turning the pages and on to new chapters!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Chapter in My Life -Day 29

Taking this ninety day journey is a chapter in my life where I am beginning to truly work on the areas I definitely require improvement. I feel truly blessed and thankful that I am bringing these areas to the surface and in to the light. I am realizing that my goals and dreams are becoming a reality because of the work it entails. Not only in the numbers but in the areas of self-development. In each area of my life I am becoming stronger and bolder. I realize that it takes a tremendous amount of responsibility for everything in my reality. I am becoming comfortable with who I am. I am beginning to see WHO I really am and this is where I am finding true joy and happiness. Although I am not perfect in my human form, the Spirit and Divine Self within me is calling me for relationship. This is a powerful statement. I have realized that this relationship is the most important of all. Without it, I found struggle and resisting so much of what already is. I am also coming to appreciate my mind and how powerful it is. I am still in the process of creating a relationship with my mind and am finding that it's all relative. With each step, each learning process it is clear. Clarity speaks beneath what sometimes appear as a temporary cloud cover. One thing I am certain about is being bold to declaring more of what I want. The goals and dreams that I want to have in my reality are already here. I know it's already there because science proves so much of the parallel universes and multi-dimensions. I am the creator and everyone has been hired by me to play the game. Everything in my reality is here to teach me something and I'm willing to always look at things with being my Expanded Self. I believe that when I change the way I look at things from this perspective, the things and people change. What an incredible dynamic. I often feel a "click" in my being, which is represented by what I call a shift. It's instantaneous. So let's turn the page.

Beginning this new month, with intentions on thinking like an entrepreneur. I am willing to put in those extra hours, so that I can exceed my number of 500 leads, 200invitations, 50 presentations and 3 frontline supervisors. This is what I am eager to create this month. I'm done with repeating old patterns and neuro-nets. And so it is.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Leading with Love -Day 28

I am laughing to myself because I am not sure that I calculated the month right? Today is the twenty-eighth day of my ninety day plan and today begins the new month? I am humbly excited that I can finally feel that my life and my business is going in the right direction. I had just consolidated my numbers for the month of May and I am happy where I ended up the month. The amount of leads I accumulated through talking was 306, the goal is 500. The amount of invitations I did was 162, the goal is 200. The amount of presentations I did was 36, the goal is 40. I sponsored 5 distributors which includes wholesale distributors and one of those is seriously doing the business. My goal this month is to sponsor ten distributors who are seriously doing the business. So I fell a little short and this month I will meet the actual.
Today is the first of the month and I sponsored my first distributor for June. There is so much magic and miracles that can happen in one day and the right attitude about it all is not to be so elated, but humble and grateful.
I had the most amazing experience today. I had an opportunity to spend some time in two units built here in downtown Honolulu together in worth of thirty million dollars! I walked into my dream unit today and that gave me such a clear sense of what I want and where I can be. I had no clue that Fendi brand made furniture. I sat in couches and love seats worth fifteen thousand EACH! The bed alone was worth twenty thousand. I was in heaven. The panoramic views were breathtaking, three hundred and sixty degrees around the entire unit. The peace that permeated the unit made me feel like I was at home. Everything in the unit was fit for a queen. Perfect for single family. Mainly me and my husband. And I could host parties for over two hundred people. The place was beautiful. There were K. Kawai baby grand pianos in there too. It had everything. I can still smell the leather furniture. There was no accident why I was there. My dream is to have a luxury unit in the city. This is where I want to be.
Above all, I am grateful for the opportunity and choices I have each and everyday to grow and expand my consciousness. When I grow, let go, and release the thoughts or patterns that no longer serve me, I feel more of my energy being freed up. Much of that energy I know will be used towards focusing on my goals, dreams and intentions. This puts my on the emotional scale of joy and hopefulness. When I decided last night that all I needed to do is to open my heart to giving more love, I woke up as a new person. I felt I did something right, when I decided to lead with my heart. All the signs showed itself to me today. I will be a leader who leads and influences from love. This makes me feel really good about myself.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Reflecting- Day 27

Wow! We had the most unbelieveable Success Training Seminar with President's Team Members Kellie and Glen Hosaka. My intention for the day was to get really clear on my personal vision so that I can assist more people in assisting more people and create a legacy of distributors in Hawaii and around the world. I was granted that and am very grateful for this. Getting really clear in the morning before I start my day can be done by taking three deep conscious breaths. Kellie asked us to do this and silent the mind chatter. When I had silenced the mind chatter by just "observing" it was there, I could then do what she asked next. She asked us to "listen" to our heart. I was able to go into that place, go into my heart where I could feel peace and comfort. Once I was there, I just lost it like a feeling of surrender and the tears just rolled down my face. It felt so good just to be there even if it was just for two minutes before the mind chatter came back to say that my make-up is running and our guests will be here soon. (lol) The moment is beautiful. On Saturday I sponsored my first distributor who is interested in doing the business. Yay! And she stayed for the training. I had two new guests who came to see the presentation. The people that I were expecting didn't show up. The universe just works in mysterious ways and I'm good with that. I'm eager and excited because I am soon rolling into the next sixty days with now producing results. I am eager about going out tomorrow and begin the next thirty days. I am trusting the process. I still have some patterns of behavior that creep up and it is my intention to become like a hawk in observing myself. It just makes it easier for me to shift out from the "little Shannon" a lot quicker. By making the decision to become a leader, it's like making the decision to becoming mother. It is a "self-less" position. There really is no room for playing small and thinking about myself. The babies come first. With all that said, I'm very happy with the results I produced in May and I'm very happy with the seeds I am planting. I'm always grateful in advance for the new day and for what it brings. I appreciate everyday as the gift that it is. I feel blessed always to know that I have an awesome company called Herbalife to feel secure in. Herbalife changed my life.