Monday, March 30, 2009

Why is She so Happy?

I get these questions alot these days especially on facebook as we are so transparent on social networking. Why are you so happy? What do you do to be so happy and positive all the time? Do you ever come down? I "wish" I could be happy as you are?
What's funny is that by giving them the truth of why I'm so happy, most still believe it's such a distant thing to achieve. Not sure why, but the truth of the matter is I do Herbalife!
Back in 2004, Herbalife had these business opportunity flyers printed with all these happy people on it. The flyer said "Why is He/She so happy?" And back then with the stinking attitude I had I would say to myself in a sassy way "Yeah! WHY IS SHE/HE SO HAPPY?" Not realizing that that happiness they had inside, I wanted it too. So the journey began.
Happiness is not something you put on everyday like a shirt. From all the happy people I've read about, especially the Dalai Lama, they all radiate an "inner happiness." It's not like spray painting the color of happiness on rust. Happiness and joy has always been a natural part of our being. We just buried it all these years with muck, that it needs to be unburied by peeling off layer by layer. It takes daily work to unpeel, release and let go all of the junk in our heads for your inner glow to show. Herbalife products do help tremendously with this process though. Herbalife products help your body and mind to be more conscious.
So here I am...the happy herbalife distributor who once asked "why is she so happy?" and now people are asking the same of me. How does that happen?

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Daily Work to Being Exceptional

This topic is called the Daily Work. Yes, it's daily work on the journey to being exceptional. However I feel inspired to continue my transparency when it comes to these moments in time. I've accepted that I am exceptional. When you receive your life at this caliber and accept it, the response-ability becomes very much crucial to your passing the "tests."
Living life as a master will teach you how to respond to situations, rather than react. When our own creations test us, the question would be "How would a Master handle this?" In Herbalife we say "What would Mark do?" or if you want to emulate a certain leader in your life you would ask yourself "What would ___ do?" And you listen for the answer.
A master's test is to always be an "observer" of yourself. To detach ourselves from any situation takes willingness and practice. I am learning that it has become a continous journey to explore my emotions and allow them to come and go like the tides. I'm learning to allow myself to feel the emotions and track the feeling back to it's originating thought, especially if the emotion feels negative. When there is a negative feeling there within me, I am in the process of training myself to reflect on what am I thinking. Today the originating thoughts were coming from being judgemental and having non-acceptance. I'm being very clear here because this is where the work is. The work is going back to those thoughts and asking if it's really true? I willingly forgive myself for having those thoughts. I pick up the phone and ask my mentors for a higher perspective so that I can make a shift. This is especially crucial when you find yourself continuing to hang on to that negativity. You gotta ask for help. Don't be silly to stay in it. Jill Bolte Taylor says 90 seconds that's it! And if you find yourself stuck in it for more than that, then you have to observe that. My mentor tells me to observe the neuro-nets or old patterns and programs. This is all part of the process and test. And yes, it takes someone very exceptional to be willing to go through this entire process daily on a moment to moment basis. This is truly an adventure and I'm in love with it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Being More of Who I Already Am.

I feel inspired today to blog this topic because this week, this life, this moment, has been nothing short of extraordinary. When I am here reflecting on my life, the people, the friendships, mySelf, I can't help myself from saying "WOW!" how did I ever reach this place? I feel happy, I'm peaceful, I'm grounded, I'm thankful, and when I reflect on these things, the things that are going great in my life, more of the same continues to appear. An endless cycle of expansion.

As a result of immersing myself into success principles and habits I have become very "in tuned" with who I am. I have developed an "awareness" that cannot be explained, you must develop your own to experience what I do on a day to day, moment to moment basis. I'm able to know when I require to do certain things at certain times. For example, one of the essences or qualities I am currently developing is my ability to allow myself to explore my emotions. I am an emotional character by personality type. All my life I have buried my emotions deep within because I had to be the tough gal, arrogant, I could take care of myself kind of attitude. Until recently when my mentor told me that that is who I am. I am emotional and I am sensitive. So be okay with it. Give yourself permission to be who you already are. Let your emotions go and let them show. One way I give myself permission to be emotional is through watching movies. I love a good drama that makes me well up in tears because it reaches the depth within me. I watched Remembering the Titans the other day. It reminded me of what I'm passionate about, and it's not football. I am passionate about accepting others, passionate about living truth that "We Are One" and that there is no boundaries, or limitations that can stop us. Gosh I had a good joyful cry! I've learned that this is what "I" require for growth, to continue "remembering." For you it may be something different. The important thing is that you know what that is for you. Search for "it." Commit to the learning. It's all a beautiful process to keep growing. At each new level of growth you see a little bit higher. I realize that when I give myself permission to be more of who I already am, the more of that bigger someone steps out and shines!

Love & Light,

Shannon Tecson

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Is For Acceptance

I am again inspired to blog this topic of acceptance, only because it is such an important part of happiness, contentment, health, and growth that some people have called it "the first law of personal growth."
A very important aspect to perceiving acceptance is key. Acceptance is not the same as liking, or being happy about, or even condoning. It is simply seeing something the way it is and saying "That's the way it is." It's seeing what's going on and saying "That's what's going on."
I remember in those early days of being an entrepreneur that I used to sleep in alot. I would have this incredible day planned the night before only to wake up a few hours late. I used to mentally punish myself for being a failure and the mental chatter would go on and on until, I'd fall back asleep because I was drained.
Had I "accepted" that it is what it is I would've been more productive. I no longer suffer from those days because I have learned that "It is what it is."

What a freedom it is to experience this!

Lesson is to accept whatever you do. Learn to even accept your lack of acceptance. Here's a twist: When you're not accepting something, accept your non-acceptance of it.
Accept everything around you.
Accept that people have opinions. Opinions are just people's perspective of how they see "their" world. The world is a colorful place as a result of this. If you feel people aren't accepting you, the question would be first "What is it in your life that you are not accepting?" Once you begin accepting yourself, people and things, the world begins to mirror this right back at you.
Accept it all, why not? This is a beautiful life and a beautiful journey.
Self-acceptance will help you to endure your self and endure others.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monitor What You Say

I feel so strongly about this topic that I am inspired to blog it today.
So much of what we say, of what comes out from our mouths is in the truest form of who we are (at the time.) As we begin the journey of personal development and we do our best to keep a log, and hold ourselves accountable to change, we also begin the habit of changing our vocabulary.
Through personal and spiritual development we learn a new language. Now before all of this change began to take place in my life, my vocabulary was nothing short of four letter words. All the time. I didn't know how to express myself without using a four letter word.
So now, after consistent study, I not only speak the language of personal development, I live it.

So listen to yourself as you speak. Note especially anytime you (a) let your words limit you, or (b) set something in motion you might not want in motion.
Watch for sentences where you are talking about the past. Because the more you talk about the past, the more past you put into the future.
Watch out for sentences like "I can't take this anymore," "I'll never get it right," "This is killing me," or even "It's to die for!"
The latter sentence is one that I have found that I used to say until I realized that I do not want to die for chocolate or any dessert that is just really good.
Another sentence that I've found to change is "Crack myself up." Now if you look at the sentence and take it literally, why would I want to crack myself up? As innocent as it may be the Universe still hears you. Your body is listening. Everything you say is on speaker phone and that is what we set into motion. So I've changed my wording consciously to "I laugh myself up." This is what I actually desire to set into motion. Simple.
When you are aware of this simple lesson and principle, you think before you speak. Everything else that comes from a higher source or that is inspired to come out from you will not have words that limit you. This takes conscious effort and practice and it's worth it.
I remember what Louise Hay said, "If you find yourself saying something you don't necessarily want to take place, quickly say, "Cancel."
I remember one of my mentors Kellie Hosaka used to bite her tongue before anything she would regret saying later come out from her mouth.
Another suggestion is hanging around higher level people. Mentors and coaches do not allow you to speak what you don't want. They catch you and make you conscious. You have no choice but to elevate yourself. This is what I learned from my mentors and coaches.
And this I live everyday.
Have compassion for those who continue to post into their status feeds. I know I got to remind myself everyday when I see it. The reason is because they don't know, that they don't know.

Golden Rule, If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Simple Analogy

I watched the movie Leap this evening and I highly recommend it, especially for those of us who have already been "awakened." Being awakened in my opinion, are those who are seeking truth, or are already on a spiritual path towards higher consciousness.
He used a simple analogy that I found fascinating to compare those who are still "sleeping."
When you begin to become aware or enlightened with concepts, you can no longer claim ignorance. You can no longer play victim to the external circumstances.
It's like adults want to be like the little child who doesn't want to get out of bed. The parent wakes them up and they still want to sleep a little longer.
This is a simple analogy of people who are being called to be awaken and are choosing to sleep a little while longer because it's easier to blame others rather than take personal responsibility for ourselves.
Isn't this fascinating?

Lessons for Daily Living, Being An Observer of Yourself (ego)

Being an observer of your ego is WORK! It takes daily, moment to moment observation.
I'll call my ego the "little shannon." She represents that little 6 year old girl in me who often puts her hands on her hips and throws little tantrums when she doesn't get her way. I'm laughing as I type this because today I just caught her in the act.
We were having lunch today and the "little shannon" was having a discussion on her own, just looking for approval. I could feel in my physiology (if you are aware enough, you will feel your physical body take on a different kind of energy) a tightness, as if the "little shannon" was again, putting her hand on her hips saying "Why don't you just agree with me?" hahaha..I let her throw a mini tantrum, until minutes later I realized this...She was seeking for "external" approval.
I took out my notebook and wrote this down "Seeking approval outside yourself always leads to disappointment."
I've learned in the process that self-approval, self-acceptance, anything that has "self" in it, yes, comes from within. We can only fulfill ourselves. No one "out there" no matter how close they are to you can be responsible for making you happy.
Happiness comes from within.

After my quick observation of what was happening within me, I took full responsibility for myself, I apologized, mentioned my lesson and together, my boyfriend and I had a roaring laugh at the table.
I remembered the quote then, "All tragedies, in time become, comedies."

Friday, March 13, 2009


Lately I've been quite inspired from reading the book "You Can't Afford the Luxury of A Negative Thought" by Peter McWilliams. The book is over 500 pages long, yet full of insight, reminders for daily living and most of all, reinforcement to what we learn and apply on a moment to moment daily basis. It's an amazing book to have in your library.
Truthfully, I bought it for 50 cents at a white elephant tent sale a few weeks back, and I thought "Gosh, this is a pretty thick book to read, do I really want to start reading it now?" When I read a book it's cover to cover which is why at first I was so hesistant, yet I'm so glad that I did. I'm on page 399 so I'm almost done.

The chapter I'm writing on is Laugh. Laughter is essential to our equilibrium, to our well-being, to our aliveness. If you're not well, laughter helps us to get well. If we are well, laughter helps us stay that way.
Give yourself permission to laugh-long and loud and out loud-whenever anything strikes you as funny. The people around you may think you're strange, but sooner or later they'll join in-even if they don't know what you're laughing about.

If you want to be attractive, you must be willing to be different. When you leave your house tomorrow and are out and about, take a look around at how many people are smiling. Observe this. And choose to be the one who smiles, be the one who laughs. People will naturally be drawn to you because, deep within all of us, is the desire to be happy.

To share with you how "contagious" laughter is, the other night, I'm about 4 rooms away from my grandma, and I can hear her having a ball, laughing hilariously. I just hear her, and I start laughing, not sure what she was laughing about, I begin to laugh hysterically myself. It feels so good to laugh, so healing. Finally, I just had to find out why she was laughing, and guess what?
She's watching America's Funniest Home Videos. I was in tears when I left her room for laughing so hard. It's a way to free yourself.

To end with this quote "You grow up the day you have the first real laugh-at yourself.
-Ethel Barrymore

Love & Light to You Always ~ Laugh today!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Purpose for Choosing Transparency

As I created my first blog in the wee hours of the morning and after the completion of my first posting, I was completely inspired. I asked myself how can I contribute? What is my intention? What is my purpose? For creating this and to be willing to share my life openly with others?
As I pondered these questions, this is what came through me:

My purpose is to inspire you through my own personal journey with the intention that the shifts I have made will connect you to your own inner power to create your own shifts required by YOU to move forward.

My accountability is to YOU and ME. To be the leader who walks with integrity, to be the light that shines ahead, embraced by values, true to ethics, and most importantly to be the voice for our Herbalife Company and the Herbalife family.

I was pretty amazed that this came through me..

Having Accountability To Yourself and To Your Growth

The journey to "awakening" began in 2004 when I had reached the lowest part of my life. Having been abandoned when I was three years old, leaving my home and out into the world when I was sixteen, I felt I have lived a pretty rebellious life. I was doing bad things to get attention from the world which makes me a pretty good candidate to becoming very successful in life. (and if your life has been pretty dysfunctional up to this point, then congratulations you make an awesome candidate as well)

I joined Herbalife in May of 2004 while I was working as a bartender. I had no direction in life, pretty miserable, was sick and tired of repeating the same mistakes, hanging out with wrong crowd, hated my relationships, I felt like a BIG LOSER. I was really good at hiding behind a beautiful face, bubbly personality and the I can take care of myself kind of attitude, I dressed well and for the most part had no problem attracting money.
My ego protected me well, but on the inside, I felt lost, hurt, pain, resentment, guilt, hatred, disgust, blame, anger, revenge and rage. I was crying for help on the inside. I needed to feel loved and I wanted to be loved. I WANTED TO CHANGE.

This desire to live a better life, to change, to love myself burned within me, almost like my spirit crying out for help to do something.

You may be asking yourself "So what does this have to do with the title Shannon?"
You see everyone who is awakening right now needs to see that we all begin with some kind of disaster in life or pain or something that really gets you to decide enough is enough.
I felt it would help to set a foundation for you because you must first accept that growth is "a process" not an overnight success. You must be willing to see your life as it is now, we must stop pretending that it's good and great when your inner voice or inner child is screaming for love and attention.

When I joined Herbalife I was introduced to personal development. The first book that was suggested to read was Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy. It's almost like the book saved my life. For a whole year, yes a whole year I locked myself up in my house and worked on myself. I read and devoured personal development almost 24 hours a day. I was reading, listening, and de-cluttering my life from all "the noise." I'm not saying you have to do this, I needed to do this.

I'm sharing a simple concept. Some of you will do it and some of you won't. That is why the title of my blog is "Having accountability to yourself and to your growth."
In 2004, Kellie Hosaka, President's Team member, who later became one of my mentors and still is, created what we call a Personal Development Log.
It is an accountability habit that we found created "responsible" leaders. Leaders and people who no longer came upline or sideline or downline to complain. We found that this log developed people into taking responsibility for their actions and their words. It created "maturity" in the individual. If you are serious about growing, then we must not only digest a few quotes here and there and be able to spit em out when called on, but truly learning how to integrate growth as part of your life then you must be willing to commit to yourself.
I will be honest, it can be a painful process. Because when you decide to grow and be challenged, the mirror is always in your face. I've seen dozens of people quit because they can't handle the pain or the ugliness we first see when we begin. I know I've been there. I had to learn how to forgive all the ugliness and let it go.
See, it's easy to quote, but to actually "live, breath, and sleep" it is a whole new ballpark where your integrity will be tested.

Okay so back to the log. It's important to first start off with basic success principles. Maximum Achievement is the best in my opinion because they are exercises after each chapter that will guide you to do the work. If you've finished basic principles then great.

Everyday you spend at least 30 minutes to an hour reading or listening to personal development. When you're done, you create a journal. I have all my logs saved in my computer in a folder labeled pd logs from 2004. You will put the date, the name of the book and how long you've read. (pretty elementary but it works)
You will write a couple of sentences or paragraph what you learned without using the book. Now here is the "stickability" part. In the second paragraph, you will write a couple of sentences of "how" you will implement what you've just learned the next day and into your life and business.

This is a lifelong process until. The simplest way to keep yourself on track with your growth. It works. You are continuously expanding your mind into thinking about new ways to get better.
This has been one of the greatest secrets to my success.

With light & love to you always,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Personal Insights

Wow, I really feel that I've made it! (I'm celebrating my victory and cracking myself up with how easy this really is) All this time I was creating some false boogy man in my head that I just couldn't find the time to do this! With each milestone in discovering new and innovative ways to publish myself, my purpose, and my mission I have also created an intense joy within me that is unfathomable. For the girl who once said that technology wasn't for me a short 3 years ago, I've realized that I've taken on a sense of responsibility to learn what seemed to be so scary and now finding that this new ride is quite exhilarating. I believe most things we have an opinion for is because we really have no idea about the subject. Therefore our opinions are just that and not fact.
Now that I am here, my intention is to bring value to the table. Here I will share everything. My journey to becoming a millionaire, the mindset, the shifts, the challenges which are (opportunities in disguise), the inspirational stories that come out from my network, people's lives who have been changed, the mistakes, my attitudes, my history, the distorted views I once had, everything I can share to be as transparent as possible. This is a new world. Our new world of sharing and being exposed. It's the end of the facade, the ego. No more hiding.
The truth will always prevail and the good will always prevail.
I will also share the things that helped me along my journey. Affirmations, authors, books, all of it. I will share testimonials and information on Herbalife's nutritional products. I will share what I get out of our trainings.
With the intention that I will provide you an inspiration. An opportunity for you to discover yourself from within. This is where it starts...within YOU!
I believe you are amazing and you will find tremendous JOY when you allow yourself to come from a place that is deep within you.

Let's begin..we will now journey on the road less traveled!

With love & light,
Shannon Tecson