Monday, May 4, 2009

My 90 Day Plan- Day 1

Today is May 4, 2009 and it is the first day, the beginning of my 90-day plan. I'm grateful that my company has a "proven" business system a golden goose that continues to lay over 1500 golden eggs since the company's conception. I've decided to be one of those golden eggs so here I begin my quest.
I will use my blog to track myself. Since I'm already transparent on here.
I started my day listening to a conference call by Morgan Devine who has over 20 years of experience in our company.
I took some time for myself in the morning taking deep breaths to connect with my vision and the purpose of me doing what I do.
I set out for the day by bus. I figure I'm going to weave my business into travel time and I found that to be a great success.
Overall work time was about two and a half hours, but transit time about two hours altogether. I did get sixty names and numbers for people who are interested in working from home and joining my team.
During my travel time sitting on the bus, after I used ancient methods like the three feet rule, I invest my time into learning.
I always carry a personal development book and journal with me at all times. Today's books I studied from are The Journey from Success to Significance and The Energy of Money. I already know that I'm a master at gathering leads to call. With enough leads, I can master the invitations. The next part for me to master is my vision. My personal vision of where I'm going and the vision of where my people can go with this amazing vehicle called Herbalife!
It's almost 6pm. The usual call time for business builders is between 6pm-9pm when everyone gets home from work. I will now take a little time out to have some quiet time to reconnect with my vision and purpose for making the calls. I will begin at 6:30pm. My goal is ten invitations, however, my intention is to stretch beyond myself today. I'll keep you posted with my results.


  1. Shannon, you are so awesome! You are definitely a WINNER! You'll be waving that flag on the top of the mountain for sure! WOW, catching the bus (alone, I'm assuming) - where do you head? How do you go about asking if they'd like to work from do you lead into that question? I got so much learning to do! Good luck on your journey, as I said before YOU ROCK!

  2. Thanks a bunch Wendy, your feedback and comments truly keep me going. I love your curiousity and willingness. Like one of my personal cheerleaders and I love you for that.
    I just keep it simple, Kellie taught me that all I'm doing is "sorting." Which means no time to talk story, just connecting with people who are interested. So the question I ask is "Eh, you like make money?" or "You like work at home?" that's it! get a name and number and on to step 2. Mastering the invitation so they say "yes" I'm coming to the meeting.

  3. Hi Shannon, I said it before. For sure you will reach the TOP. Go for it! I'll be following you here just to track your progress.
    Heddie - denmark

  4. Thanks Heddie, I believe the more people involved in tracking my course will certainly keep me accountable...I love you for that!