Thursday, May 28, 2009

Follow Through - Day 24

Today was a pretty amazing day. Looking at my gauges for the month, I am right on target to going over the 40 presentations for the business. I have my first two hopefuls of signing however, I do know that this is not the number. I am consistently working everyday and the more I do it the more confident I am becoming that I can fill our meetings with people. I used to think that this was impossible for me because I had not done it before. But as I began having a minimum of five people in the room, I began to see it as becoming very real and possible. I realized alot about my self and my dreams on tonight's focus group call. I realized it's okay to be me and that my goals and dreams are authentic to what's important to Shannon.
This is a revelation because now I know that even though my dreams may be to have lavish things and to stand out of the crowd beaming with recognition it's all good. This is what stirs my heart and this is what I can see for myself in the near future. I'm getting better at following through till the end. This first thirty days are almost over and I can see myself exceeding my best next month. This month so far has been my best month in productivity however, the months to follow will be my best months for results. I can say this with certainty and it is very exciting.

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  1. I love following your journey! It is inspiring to watch you go through the process. *hugs* Debi