Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3rd Day of the 90 Day Plan

Today is Wednesday the 3rd day of the 90 day plan. Prioritizing my day the night before has helped me focus on the tasks before me and check them off consciously.
Understanding what is the priority and who is the priority is very important.
I started my day with saying "Thank you...", I'm grateful...and I appreciate..." This has helped me to direct my energy into looking forward to a new day. Same day repeated ninety times.
Working from a checklist helps. I have a small window of time where I intend to focus on getting a few more invitations to the business presentation. So far today, my goal has been to even it out, so the number is 13 invitations. I have 6 and 7 more to go. If I look at it at getting 3 here, 4 there, it makes it much simpler instead of forcing it to make it happen. I've already seen some results, however, the results in the first 30 days is just bonus. The results from the momentum I am building will come to full term in 90 days. I accept that this is the plan. I trust it. This is the same plan that got all of the top leaders to their position in the marketing plan.
One small obstacle today worth mentioning here is that during the course of the day, I was looking at how long I've been on the phone, how many invites I got and how much time I had left. I started feeling anxious, rushed, and fearful. Physiology was telling me to slow down. When I'm "feeling" this it comes through my voice and through the phone so I decided to stop and listen with my heart. This is what my heart said "No force, trust, go easy, listen to classical music, have fun, be who you are." Stopping for just a moment to listen, implement and breath had helped me carry on with what I was doing. I know I will accomplish my daily goals today.

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