Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Energy Leaks - Day 15

I am so grateful for those moments when you get an aha! or a memory of what you learned in the past in personal development. Today was one of those days. I've been studying from the book "The Energy of Money" and I have been listening to the cd series by Ellie Drake "The Art of Attracting." Two awesome tools for learning. What I discovered today is that everyday I must use my energy units wisely. Each day we are given one hundred units of energy to use as we wish. Imagine the first thing you wake up and you begin thinking about money or the lack of it, and there you spend five units. As we continue to think over mindless things this begins robbing us of our energy units that we are to use to build our businesses everyday. By the time we begin going for our goals and dreams we have only five units to spare which is no wonder we give in before the day is over. Now that I am aware of how many units I have daily, this gives me an edge over myself in which I can now use wisely my intentions and units to complete the day until the next day I am restored to more units. I felt this was a brilliant piece of awareness I have found today!
Today I did reach all my goals. When out into the marketplace with clear set intentions on who I wanted to "be." And with that intention, I created easily and effortlessly. I came home with 40 leads and did my 11 invitations to the business presentation. I exceeded my goals for the day because I was aware at all times and surrendered to being guided by faith and inspiration.
I am now seeing that the more I remember the better I get.

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