Friday, May 8, 2009

5th day of the 90 Day Plan

"I might be the only person who believes in them." You might be the only person ever in their life to believe in them. Remember this statement. This has been taught to me by one of my mentors.
Today is the fifth day of the 90 day plan. My recruiting results today: 33 names and numbers in 3 hours and 2 new retail customers. The numbers are great, however it was not my goal. My goal for today was 60. What this means is that I have just set myself behind on leads for the week. I'll have to incorporate the difference of 27 into my weekend! As far as my invitations for today 5. My retail volume was $200.

What I learned from today: Not being clear about where I'm going before I head out is a big mistake, it's like living on auto-pilot. I choose to live purposefully and consciously. Having quiet, personal time for connecting with my purpose in the morning. Dressing the pitch has alot to do with how I feel.
So the results are obvious when we choose to operate on automatic, which is not a good thing. All successful people take the time out in the morning to visualize, ask for clarity and know what their purpose and why we are doing what we do.

Still amazing day however, I feel I scheduled my week pretty awesome. Looking at it in the bigger picture, this is still a 90-day plan and today is the 5th day.

My focus is so laser sharp. It's my responsibility to remember everyday.

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