Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I love Social Media

I believe social media is an incredible platform of fertile ground in which we have the greatest opportunity to revolutionize change. Since joining Facebook, one of the fastest growing online communities, my life has changed forever. I've been a member of Facebook since November of 2008. I'm not even sure who introduced me to Facebook, but all I kept hearing was "Do you have a Facebook?"

How Facebook has changed my personal life:
Facebook has allowed me to connect with friends from elementary school, intermediate school, high school, friends from those good ole' party days and what not. Even friends whom were not so good influences are reunited with me again. And it's great because I can see who's thriving and well and that's all that matters. I am now connected to all my family members near and far. I can find out anything I need to know about a person through Facebook. How many kids they have, if they are married, divorced, whatever I want to know, it's there. What do people like or dislike all by what's on their personal profiles and info. And for those who keep that at a minimum, we can still see what they like by the groups they add. It's just interesting and fascinating to me. Loads of fun!

Facebook used as a way to "express" who I am daily:
I enjoy this part of my day. Every morning, asking myself "what am I to contribute to my Facebook family?" Is a great way to lead a personal brand image for yourself. It's amazing the way we connect.

Facebook used to establish team building in my business:
I love facebook for the fact that I now have a pulse of what's happening on my team, my customers, my prospects, and other members of our Herbalife family. I can follow my upline leaders on everything! Since having my team on Facebook, it has been a great means of communication and keeping in touch, just by sending a quick line or two to the inbox. If I ever needed to enlist someone for help, my friends and colleagues are always there, ready and willing to extend a hand!

Facebook captures emotion:
I love this part about Facebook too. It allows me to gather my resources of inspiration. I have a variety of friends that I call contributors, people who also give to the community on a daily basis. I have spiritual friends, who keep me on my feet on whats going on with the planet, energy and healing. I have friends that share the same interest as I. And then I have followers and people who always show up with a "thumbs up." I appreciate them all. Having this kind of gratitude and appreciation for Facebook sets my day into a whirlwind of fun, wonder and miracles because it makes me feel good. I also have friends that I call the internet marketers who share information about the social networks. Everyone has value to share and they do. This is what I appreciate most.

I appreciate the Facebook community for the content syndication and the togetherness from all walks of life and countries. This community provides a safe place (if you have the right friends in your network) for all of us to come together, to inspire each other, to congratulate and celebrate the life we live.
I've met so many wonderful people because of Facebook. I have also been able to open my business up internationally and span all across the United States because of Facebook.

Thank you to all of you who join me here...I am incredibly grateful for the experience to network and make a difference each and every day.

You are valued. You are loved. You have favor where ever you go.

With love and light,
Shannon Tecson