Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coming Full Circle with Integrity-Day 10

I'm reading from the book the Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D, and I keep coming back to this particular part of the book-Coming full circle with integrity.
What I've learned is that we are already born with integrity at our core. As I choose to walk the hero's path and make small shifts in my daily activity that resonates with my true values, my purpose and my mission in life I can see how my energy shifts affect the people in my business. I remember what Mark Hughes, Founder of Herbalife once said "Your people will do what you do", "Your business is a reflection of you." It's much easier not to take responsibility for those statements in our lives and in our businesses however the moment that we do, we can see how much growth we can attain. For example, I've made the decision to take the hero's journey, I was fed up with wishing that I could get results, while I wasn't taking the amount of action required to get true momentum in my business, I got fed up with NOT doing a full 90 day plan, I just got fed up. It was painful enough for me to see that I wasn't at the level that other mentors and leaders saw me as. And I needed to make that change. It was time to step up and take my position as a leader, who now runs the state of Hawaii with my other three partners and to now see myself as the leader for my organization. So I decided to make my climb to the President's Team.
As a result I've been committed to taking daily action just as the Mark Hughes plan is designed, I've been coming full circle with having integrity and trustworthiness. This then brought about much miracles falling from the sky. I had a distributor call me today who is in my second generation who came out from nowhere telling me that she has recommitted to herself, her product use and losing those last twenty pounds! So how does that work? The answer is energy. This is what it means to me coming full circle with integrity.
I've reached my daily goals for today and this feels good. I'm really understanding that our business is flexible and not optional. The work for the week still has to get done and it starts by mastering the day.

When I make small shifts other people make small shifts. When I make big changes, my people make big changes. It's like the ripple effect and it's so fascinating and exciting. At the end of the day I know I'll get a good night's rest because I end the day knowing that I did my best!

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