Thursday, May 21, 2009

Discouragement-Day 17

I am surprised that I actually fell into the emotion of discouragement today. I was told of many discouraging things the day before and I carried those words into my sleep and I woke up feeling drained. Taking into consideration how many units of energy I have on daily basis to go for my goals and dreams, I used up all those units and leaked energy everywhere! I felt sad today, being the issue. I felt upset with myself? I felt upset with myself because the issue of not being good enough robbed me today. I vowed today to never ever let myself be the issue. I accept and take full responsibility today that I allowed my ego to have the best of me. I refused to let go of the tape that was playing in my head over and over. I have resolved today to keep on moving in the direction to the completion of my 90 day plan. If I'm the only one who believes in me then so be it. I will be my best cheerleader. I will never be upset with myself again. I know my strengths and I will use them humbly. I will be kind to myself from this forward because I know in my heart that I am doing the best the I can with what I know now.


  1. It has been so interesting to read your blogs and follow your 90 day plan. I believe that you have it in you to be anything that you choose to be. Why is it that a "best day ever" is followed by a day of discouragement? I have had that happen too. It is amazing following you through this process.

  2. Hi Debi...thank you so much...isn't that interesting? I think it's called peaks and valleys. lol..just finished reading that book too. We go up and down up and down. It's all good though because that makes it for a healthy life. I'm giggling to myself. I can look back at yesterday and laugh because it's behind me. Because today I had a strong come back to stay in the game!
    I love You Debi, and I'm so happy you're on my team!