Monday, June 1, 2009

Reflecting- Day 27

Wow! We had the most unbelieveable Success Training Seminar with President's Team Members Kellie and Glen Hosaka. My intention for the day was to get really clear on my personal vision so that I can assist more people in assisting more people and create a legacy of distributors in Hawaii and around the world. I was granted that and am very grateful for this. Getting really clear in the morning before I start my day can be done by taking three deep conscious breaths. Kellie asked us to do this and silent the mind chatter. When I had silenced the mind chatter by just "observing" it was there, I could then do what she asked next. She asked us to "listen" to our heart. I was able to go into that place, go into my heart where I could feel peace and comfort. Once I was there, I just lost it like a feeling of surrender and the tears just rolled down my face. It felt so good just to be there even if it was just for two minutes before the mind chatter came back to say that my make-up is running and our guests will be here soon. (lol) The moment is beautiful. On Saturday I sponsored my first distributor who is interested in doing the business. Yay! And she stayed for the training. I had two new guests who came to see the presentation. The people that I were expecting didn't show up. The universe just works in mysterious ways and I'm good with that. I'm eager and excited because I am soon rolling into the next sixty days with now producing results. I am eager about going out tomorrow and begin the next thirty days. I am trusting the process. I still have some patterns of behavior that creep up and it is my intention to become like a hawk in observing myself. It just makes it easier for me to shift out from the "little Shannon" a lot quicker. By making the decision to become a leader, it's like making the decision to becoming mother. It is a "self-less" position. There really is no room for playing small and thinking about myself. The babies come first. With all that said, I'm very happy with the results I produced in May and I'm very happy with the seeds I am planting. I'm always grateful in advance for the new day and for what it brings. I appreciate everyday as the gift that it is. I feel blessed always to know that I have an awesome company called Herbalife to feel secure in. Herbalife changed my life.

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