Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knowing What is Priority for the Day

Tomorrow is Wednesday which will be my third day of my 90 day plan and I'm creating my schedule based on what is priority. On Wednesday's I have two conference calls that are booked from 6pm-7:30pm and a leadership call at 9pm.
The number of leads I must have by the end of the week will be 120 and the invitations to the presentation will be 50.
By looking at my gauges, I'm on track with my leads which I have accumulated 60, and behind on my invitations which I have accumulated 11. I'm on track with the number of presentations I must have at this point of the week in which I have 7.
So by looking at where I am at, my priority for Wednesday through Friday will be 13 invitations to the presentation. By doing this, I will be on track for the week in all three areas: leads, invitations and presentations.
This is how I was taught to work my schedule according to what is priority. This first thirty days is about building momentum and taking daily consistent action.

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