Monday, May 25, 2009

Lessons for the Week-Day 21

Congratulations to me! You know experts say that it takes twenty-one days to instill a new habit and today is the twenty first day of the ninety-day plan.
Here are some of the things that have kept me on track this week:
Do the Right Small Things on a Daily Basis. This has taken me the entire three weeks to get into the hang of things. I am still working until it becomes a well-oiled routine.
Moving forward is a way of thinking. When I begin my day thinking about where I will be and why I choose to work like the top leaders, this inspires me into action.
Be who you know you can stretched out of your comfort zone. When I think about the person who I want to emulate and ask myself what would they do in this situation, this too, inspires me into action.
Be flexible with change. This is a good one too because when certain family situations come up, when I must accompany grandma and the dog to the vet, I can flex my schedule, knowing that what I must do for the week is not optional.
Trust the process --when one journey ends, another journey begins.
The more you develop your self-esteem, the more you will develop
self-confidence. I learned this from the book written by Lisa Nichols "No Matter What." I am now developing the "Having faith in myself muscle."
Operate from eagerness rather than anxiousness. This is an interesting dynamic I have observed in myself. Shortness of breath reminds me that I am operating from anxiousness. I take it as a sign for me to stop and self-correct. What am I thinking about? Why am I anxious? and tell the truth about it. It's all mind made stuff.
Move forward… one step at a time. This is an important reminder for me everyday. This keeps me in perspective that I what must get done is only for the day. When tomorrow arrives I will do what is necessary at that time.
Only considered a failure if you quit.
True champions keep on moving forward.
I have exceed my recruiting numbers for the past week. I went over the number of leads, the number of invitations and the number of presentations. I fell real short of the amount of distributors I have yet to sign, however I believe this number will be fulfilled real soon. So I am eagerly anticipating the new week and once and for all finally mastering these ninety-day plans all the way to the Herbalife vacation in 2010.

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