Thursday, May 7, 2009

3rd Day of the 90 Day Plan-Results

I'm wrapping up an amazing day. Congratulating myself for completing my daily goals. I'm not overly excited because this IS a 90 day plan. I've learned in the past that when I have great days, it's very easy to take your eye off the big picture and the overall goal and take a rest. This I've learned is a BIG mistake.
I did get 13 invitations to the business presentation. I booked 1 retail appointment. I closed and signed one new distributor who is a friend of mine from elementary school. I met him on facebook. Tomorrow is a new day, but still groundhog day where I repeat the same focus, intention and action that I did today.
I will create a priority list tonight before I go to bed and use that for tomorrow. Another thing is that I am on track with my presentations for the week. The goal for the month is 40 and I have 8.

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