Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Being a Conscious Conduit of Energy - Day 16

There is just so much that I don't know. I've come to surrender to this truth.
With universal expansion that goes beyond what the five senses can perceive I am just amazed at why things work the way that they do.
I firmly believe that for me to have a successful day I must consciously create the night before with the decision that I will be a conscious conduit, a messenger of kindness to bringing people into Herbalife. My purpose in life is to teach love and healing. My mission in life is Herbalife. The two weave harmoniously together. If I could just be kind and compassionate enough to show people that there are options out there, that they don't have to be where they are today, that they could change for the better, that they could go beyond what they have learned as a child or even an adult. I'm realizing that most adults in society haven't really grown much. Never was taught that could expand their minds and their thinking. I know this because the same goes for me, I did not know that my life could change if I changed the way I think. This is what I want everyday is to bring people into my family, their "new" family. It doesn't mean that we forget about those we love, it means we detach momentarily to become better and new improved people for ourselves and then for others. It means that we start learning how to fulfill ourselves through spirit and learning. I am truly successful when I allow myself to be guided by Spirit. I feel a shift in my energy when I allow this. I am a conduit which means I allow the bigger energy of life to flow through me and outward touching people and awakening those who are ready to be awakened.

Today was the best day I've had in my Herbalife career. I've had the most presentations in one Herbalife Opportunity Meeting today. I had 9 guests show up whom I invited. So tomorrow is a new day, to do it all over again.

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