Thursday, June 23, 2011

How To Create 7 Days of Awesome-ness!

Hi Friends, I thought I do a quick post on how to create seven days of awesome-ness (this may not be a word in the dictionary, but we live in the 21st century where creativity is welcomed right?) I thought this be a great way to start if you are new to the arena of personal development, understanding the law of attraction, like energy attracts like energy and or co-creating your day. Actually, I should ask you first if this would be okay with you? If you knew that you had the power to create seven awesome days, week by week, would this be good with you? Are you sure? Good. Because let me tell ya, you will meet challenges mid-day, or in the evening, but you must remind yourself what kind of day you have already declared. So are you ready for The Secret? I have imagined putting high energy adjectives before the day to create some of the most amazing days of my life! It works!

Let's imagine it's Monday, most of the world doesn't like Monday's. Personally I LOVE Mondays. (well, after this post, you'll see why I love all the days of the week) Most of the world will wake up on Monday murmuring about how they probably have to go to work or go to school etc. Well, maybe I just described you. I remember every waking day was a murmur for me too. I've come up with some creative solutions that you can use to begin planting in your mind, like seeds. When you read this you will remember, it's simple.

Personally, each day of the week, I call the day. For example, Monday can become Magical Monday, Magnificent Monday, Marvelous Monday, Money Attracting Monday! You get it right? You can include any adjective that is high powered with energy to creating the day. Words are containers for power. Words create our lives. The universe was created with "words." Something to think about...

Tuesdays can become Terrific Tuesday, Tantalizing Tuesday, or it could even become a Tremendous Tuesday! Whatever high energy positive adjective, attach it to the day to describe your intention for that day. Believe it and it works!  

Wednesday can become Wonderful Wednesday, Wealthy Wednesday, or even Wacky Wednesday to keep the hump day fun and extraordinary. Are you getting this?

Thursday can become Thoughtful Thursdays, Thrilling Thursdays, Thankful Thursdays, or even Talented Thursdays, where you declare using your incredible talents to enjoy and live the day!

Fridays can become (no not freaky!) lol! Fabulous Fridays, well..Fabulous has been the only power adjective I could think of. What would you come up with?

Saturdays become Sensational Saturday, Savvy Saturday, Sophisticated Saturday, or even Simple Saturday! You are now getting the hang of it aren't you? Good!!

Sundays for me become Soul-food Sunday! Include whatever Sunday's mean for you...

So now that you have been given my 7 tips to 7 days of Awesome-ness, you will begin to see some pretty amazing and or transformational days ahead! What you call out, you bring forth. And as the words you say bring back to you, like boomerangs all its magnificence, you will then believe you are the co-creator of your day!!

ps: This will also work if you put 'negative' high-powered adjectives in front of those days too.

Have fun!!

Much love,

Friday, June 10, 2011

How Do I Make Time?

Well, the truth is we don't make time, we create it! I've been hearing "where do I find time?" We've all heard about time management, but the real concept is learning how to manage "ourselves" in a 24 hour period. Here's a few tips that I can share with you if you're looking to better manage your life. 

If you're just getting started on your journey to becoming self-employed, I've learned that we must become the best CEO and the best employee. And if you're like most people who join the adventure part-time, this usually means that you already have a job, other activities, or caring for your children and families or all of the above.
My mentor taught me that there are 3 full-time jobs in a day. 24 hours divide that by 3 and there you have it! So if you're building a business part-time, you'll see that after you schedule the most important things that "have" to get done daily, you'll be able to find some "nooks and crannies" of time to take action. One of my mentors built her business from 3am-6am in the morning, not that you have to this today, but she was willing to give up sleep and at that time could not risk losing her job. My other mentor built her business part time in the "nooks and crannies" of her lunch break. Both are home free today.

One tool that comes in handy is having a day, month, and yearly planner. I'm still a little old school when it comes to being organized. I still push paper, and write everything down. This has worked the best for me, but find what would work best for you, especially because you'll have to look at it everyday and check things off. Franklin Day planners are great. I use the At-A-Glance scheduler which gives me everything I need. The trick is to find one that's large enough to write in, and keep all your appointments and priorities for your life.

Now look at the week, you want to fill in the blocks of time that you go to work, drop off the kids, pick up the kids, feed the kids, sports, etc. You want to fill in all those hours that are a must or a priority. You also want to include business conference calls, team calls, product calls and anything related to the building of your business. For example, if I look at Monday, my schedule has the hours from 7am to 9pm. Every hour can be scheduled and used. The key here is to find small blocks of time to be productive for your home-business or wellness coaching, or whatever vehicle you're currently in to designing your life.
The point is, is that anything can be accomplished, if it's written down. Being responsible for our time is crucial and it is precious commodity.
My priorities are scheduled as such and always in this order: 1. Spirituality (God, prayer, personal development, visualization, connection to Source) 2. Family 3. Herbalife (or company or business)
I may be bias to this but I strongly feel that scheduling time for yourself should be the first priority. I'm a strong believer in the principle of "you can't give away what you don't have." And so often, we neglect this part. Imagine our energy units given for the day. If we start the day empty by lunch time, we're already pulling hairs, losing our tempers and so forth. Again, in my opinion, connecting with something bigger than you will be vital in being whole and complete "daily." I wake up earlier just to get my time in. Discover and ask yourself what could fill you up emotionally and spiritually to start the day. 
The most successful thing I've done is to make the upfront decision that I was going to create my life using a schedule. I decided that I wasn't going to major in minor things and spend minor time on major things, especially because the industry we're in can be life-altering and destiny changing forever. My mentor also taught me that "Our business schedule is 'flexible' but NOT optional." By the end of the week, those goals better match up! Having a tough coach and mentor is wonderful because they know your goals and have the desire to see you succeed. 
Another thing to keep in mind, is that if this is a "new habit" for you, then you must begin now, and keep at it. Every week, you must fill in your schedule and follow it! Once I began doing this, I found that I had lots of time in a day. Believe it or not, I even have time to schedule a power nap. 
So are you ready? I know you are! Get your planners and work it. A schedule is like magic! 
Much love,
ps: I'd love to hear how this is working for you