Wednesday, May 13, 2009

9th Day-Emotions

This is beginning to feel a little mundane for me and I am feeling this a bit for the people who are following me on this 90 day journey. I'm good with this because this is a place where I can be free and transparent. I have understood and accepted that there will be times when I don't feel like doing this blog, which is why my reasons are bigger than the excuses. There will be days when I don't feel like picking up the phone and connecting with people which is why my reasons are bigger than my excuses.
Here are some questions that I had to ask myself today that has helped:
"Do I believe that this is THE greatest opportunity?"
"Do I believe that I have something of value to offer?"
"Do I believe that people deserve me?"
When I began thinking of myself I realized that there are people out there who may not know if they'll have a home tomorrow, while I sit here in comfort and not have to worry. When I began to think of myself I realized all the other things that could be happening to people out there and here I am with the greatest opportunity and why am I not offering it to people? After I had that long self-talk I choose to get up and do it again.
The results for today:
5 presentations for today who came to the Herbalife Opportunity Meeting.
1 success builder.
6 invitations to the business presentation.

My goal for the month is 40 presentations to our business and I now have 15 today is the 12th.
My goal for the month is to sign 10 distributors and I have signed none yet.
My goal for the month is 3 frontline supervisors and I have none yet.

Keeping in mind that I'm still in the first thirty days. I am still moving forward.

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