Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Too Shall Pass-Day 34

When I can remind myself that this too shall pass, I believe that it would be much easier for me to realize that I am experiencing a moment of growth. The moment to see things and my life from a much higher perspective. A couple of days ago, I fell victim to the ego, going unconscious and not being able to see myself as who I really am. I saw myself as who I am not. It's awesome to have mentors who can help and pull you out from where you are, but sometimes as a leader, I must be willing to implement what I already know. I'm grateful to have people like Kellie in my life because she's been here where I am before. I can reach out and ask for help when I'm not feeling right. I realize I am shifting when my physical body shows signs of manifestations of the mind. About a week ago I broke out in what looks like a rash covering my arms and legs. I thought at first it was because of the flea infestation we had in our yard and in our home, but since it's been a week since we had taken care of the problem, I realized I had to take responsibility for what was happening to my body. I looked up the probable cause in Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life under "itchy" and "rash" and the determining cause in the mind reads this: Desires that go against the grain, unsatisfied, remorse, itching to get out or get away, irritation over delays, babyish way to get attention, protects our individuality, anxiety, fear, being threatened. When I take at look at this and willing to tell the truth about it, it's amazing how the problematic cause goes away with simple affirmations of affirming the truth. To affirm that I am safe to be me, I am at peace with where I am, I accept my good knowing that all my needs and desires will be fulfilled. I'm still itchy *laughing* but I am grateful for the body to show me where I must shift my thinking. It's just old patterns surfacing as I am transitioning to next level, and the ego is being a little irritated because she loves to keep me in the comfort zone and I'm done being here. I'm still working my ninety plan, however, where I am at in the game, everyday must be lived consciously. I must be conscious at all times. The first gauge is how am I feeling everyday.
I understand now when Jim Rohn says "We must work harder on ourselves than we do at our businesses." This is where the work of a true leader begins. I surrender to my purpose. I surrender it all. This is much easier. The willingness to just let go!

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