Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hot Day in Hawaii! - Day 31

Summertime and the living is easy...was the mantra for me today. Walking around downtown today in the hot summer heat I could feel myself getting dizzy and light-headed. I wasn't sure if the feeling was a "feel good" type of feeling when my brain releases endorphins or if the feeling was caused by the heat? Well I managed quite beautifully throughout the day. I have accumulated one hundred twenty-five leads in three days so my actual numbers have met my goal for the first week. I have eight more invitations to the business presentation for my actual number to meet the goal of fifty.
Quite truthfully, I felt disconnected from being on purpose today. I failed to connect myself prior to starting my day, and I can "feel" a difference in my energy. I observed myself working with force. It was very different from how I worked yesterday. It just takes more effort and I choose to work effortless. I know I can work effortlessly only when I choose to invest two minutes a day, relaxed and focused on the goal that brings me joy. I know how to do this now because I did it the day before, however, like anything else it takes discipline.
I have got to upload a new program that says "I have all the energy to fulfill my goals and dreams." The program that is installed right now says "huh, the heat makes me tired!" Well no wonder after a few hours walking around downtown in the hot, dusty streets I come home and I'm wiped out?" I think this is funny, but it will change. Something within is urging me to look and assess where I am at in building a team and if I am clear and doing the action that say's I do. This is quite an interesting message. I have got to get better at following up. I have got to get very clear on always knowing what is my distributors next step. Give them a call to action and follow up on that. Yes, this makes sense. I just answered my own question. This always fascinates me. Did you know that if you can ask the question, you already know the answer?

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