Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally An Emotional Breakthrough-Day 43

What a healing day it has been for me! The floodgates of emotions and releasing were opened today. I was so overdue for this. I listened to my body's wisdom when it asked for me to go on a 5 mile run. I did.  I ran through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods here in Hawaii on the east side of the island called Portlock, where multi-million dollar homes are built overlooking the coast. I had a deja-vu moment while running up one of the hills. I had a shiver down my spine and for a moment I believed I have been there in my dreams. I passed by the house that I was living my dream. I dreamt of that place twice. Wow! At first I was resistant to running in this new territory. I wanted to run through what was already familiar to me (doesn't it sound familiar?) It was one of the most hardest and most pushed runs I had put myself through and it was so worth it! I could my body responding, my energy blocks being cleared, I now feel grounded. I think my body detoxed a little afterward because after the run I wasn't feeling too well. After a nice cool down and a hot shower. Talked with a good friend and she helped me in releasing the hurt, anguish and pain that I have been carrying around regarding the relationship I have with my birth mother. She asked many questions until I was ready to release. And I did. I surrendered. I feel lighter, safer, loved and free. I know I can still go there to that place and do more forgiving and healing. We have an incredible relationship and I am grateful for that. Now with swollen eyes worth having I am will have a good nights rest. Thank you for reading and allowing me to share.



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  2. Hi Shannon. I'm still following your 90 days plan (journey ).I have to thank you for your openness.

    Since April I'm 5 years in Herbalife and the last week I was thinking, why I’m not yet, millionaire or President Team member? And I realize it all has to do with our self thinking.
    Conquer our fears and to be present in what we are doing and thinking every day. We attract the people in our organisation who are the mirrors of us, to let us see where we have to work on. And yes in this journey to an extraordinary live we have much to learn.
    Jean - Pierre