Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another Chapter in My Life -Day 29

Taking this ninety day journey is a chapter in my life where I am beginning to truly work on the areas I definitely require improvement. I feel truly blessed and thankful that I am bringing these areas to the surface and in to the light. I am realizing that my goals and dreams are becoming a reality because of the work it entails. Not only in the numbers but in the areas of self-development. In each area of my life I am becoming stronger and bolder. I realize that it takes a tremendous amount of responsibility for everything in my reality. I am becoming comfortable with who I am. I am beginning to see WHO I really am and this is where I am finding true joy and happiness. Although I am not perfect in my human form, the Spirit and Divine Self within me is calling me for relationship. This is a powerful statement. I have realized that this relationship is the most important of all. Without it, I found struggle and resisting so much of what already is. I am also coming to appreciate my mind and how powerful it is. I am still in the process of creating a relationship with my mind and am finding that it's all relative. With each step, each learning process it is clear. Clarity speaks beneath what sometimes appear as a temporary cloud cover. One thing I am certain about is being bold to declaring more of what I want. The goals and dreams that I want to have in my reality are already here. I know it's already there because science proves so much of the parallel universes and multi-dimensions. I am the creator and everyone has been hired by me to play the game. Everything in my reality is here to teach me something and I'm willing to always look at things with being my Expanded Self. I believe that when I change the way I look at things from this perspective, the things and people change. What an incredible dynamic. I often feel a "click" in my being, which is represented by what I call a shift. It's instantaneous. So let's turn the page.

Beginning this new month, with intentions on thinking like an entrepreneur. I am willing to put in those extra hours, so that I can exceed my number of 500 leads, 200invitations, 50 presentations and 3 frontline supervisors. This is what I am eager to create this month. I'm done with repeating old patterns and neuro-nets. And so it is.

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