Friday, June 19, 2009

Spiritual Growth-Day 42

I believe having an expanded view of my lifes events helps me to understand the personal growth and story that goes with it. It's been quite challenging in the last week or so for myself as I am stepping into the unknown. I believe the more I keep the visions I have for myself and for others helps me to keep my thoughts focused in the higher energies. I recently learned that the experience of all the emotions in our lives are healthy. Without labeling them as good or bad but rather just feeling them, knowing how these emotions and energies feel in the body. I went back to using a tool called The Process that Robert Scheinfeld shares in his book "Busting Loose." I believe that life is an illusion. All things are illusions. It's all just smoke and mirrors. The process is quite wonderful. This is the tool that I will stick to and work with. This is a new chapter in my life and day by day I am writing the words.


  1. Shannon,
    I admire your determination, honestly and wisdom. I'm glad you quit smoking, in my opinion what a waste of your time, energy and potential. Now just find a new and better habit, just breathing clean air sound like great new habit to me.
    Congrad's and I'll be cheering for you.

    PS all smoke and mirrors, I agree. As Madre Tesesa said: "In the final analysis after all has been said and done, it was always just between you and God. Everybody else is just a mirror so you can see how to improve yourself.