Monday, June 8, 2009

Managing Self-Talk-Day 33

I think I've got to get better at managing constructive criticism. Somewhere in my program, I feel when I recieve constructive criticism I hear the voice that says "See I told you were not good enough" or "You're working hard for nothing." When I hear those voices in the head that are not empowering, I find myself wrapping around it, repeating it over and over. This makes me feel drained, tired, and so not being productive. Here is what I experience and maybe you might too. I don't like to make the calls and I stop caring. It's like going up and down. Sometimes I feel I just want to quit. I know shocking, however, this is a journey of being transparent. Tonight I will say a prayer, maybe it's that ego that wants to control everything and I will surrender these types of thoughts to the Divine. This has worked before. I can do it again. I'm hanging in there. I believe this is where I am strengthening the "having faith in myself" muscle. I am willing to acknowledge it and shake it off. Tomorrow is a new day!

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