Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Leading with Love -Day 28

I am laughing to myself because I am not sure that I calculated the month right? Today is the twenty-eighth day of my ninety day plan and today begins the new month? I am humbly excited that I can finally feel that my life and my business is going in the right direction. I had just consolidated my numbers for the month of May and I am happy where I ended up the month. The amount of leads I accumulated through talking was 306, the goal is 500. The amount of invitations I did was 162, the goal is 200. The amount of presentations I did was 36, the goal is 40. I sponsored 5 distributors which includes wholesale distributors and one of those is seriously doing the business. My goal this month is to sponsor ten distributors who are seriously doing the business. So I fell a little short and this month I will meet the actual.
Today is the first of the month and I sponsored my first distributor for June. There is so much magic and miracles that can happen in one day and the right attitude about it all is not to be so elated, but humble and grateful.
I had the most amazing experience today. I had an opportunity to spend some time in two units built here in downtown Honolulu together in worth of thirty million dollars! I walked into my dream unit today and that gave me such a clear sense of what I want and where I can be. I had no clue that Fendi brand made furniture. I sat in couches and love seats worth fifteen thousand EACH! The bed alone was worth twenty thousand. I was in heaven. The panoramic views were breathtaking, three hundred and sixty degrees around the entire unit. The peace that permeated the unit made me feel like I was at home. Everything in the unit was fit for a queen. Perfect for single family. Mainly me and my husband. And I could host parties for over two hundred people. The place was beautiful. There were K. Kawai baby grand pianos in there too. It had everything. I can still smell the leather furniture. There was no accident why I was there. My dream is to have a luxury unit in the city. This is where I want to be.
Above all, I am grateful for the opportunity and choices I have each and everyday to grow and expand my consciousness. When I grow, let go, and release the thoughts or patterns that no longer serve me, I feel more of my energy being freed up. Much of that energy I know will be used towards focusing on my goals, dreams and intentions. This puts my on the emotional scale of joy and hopefulness. When I decided last night that all I needed to do is to open my heart to giving more love, I woke up as a new person. I felt I did something right, when I decided to lead with my heart. All the signs showed itself to me today. I will be a leader who leads and influences from love. This makes me feel really good about myself.

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