Friday, June 5, 2009

This is Officially the 30th day!

I love learning. When I can take what a mentor says and implement the next day, I know I can call myself a great student. I had a session with my mentors last night and we noticed in our mastermind that I have a few repeated patterns that need to be fixed right away. One observation we made was the pattern of allowing myself to get away with less than the minimum requirement of numbers. I resolved that and today went out and created seventy-five leads in about four hours of work time. My actual goal for the day was eighty, (see a pattern) *laughing* however, when I look at my week, I could see that if I had not gone out to accumulate at least eighty, I would have started this new month with being behind and I certainly could not let that happen. I learned in the past that when I fall behind on the numbers it is so hard to catch up so forget it, I'd rather get it done now. When I go out tomorrow, I will accumulate twenty-five. I have just been asking around if anyone could use an extra $500 to $1000 part time. Most people today of course say "yes!" along with the normal objections which to me are all the same.

I wanted to share some personal development from one of the books I have been reading called "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind." I love this book because I am learning to have a relationship with my mind and trusting that part of me to produce the results that I desire. For many years my perception of my mind or the relationship with it was like an enemy. Blaming it for producing things that I don't want, however, it produces what ever feeling or thought I put into it! I really got an aha, when I put myself in to a quick relaxation "playing" with the idea that in six months I will be at the global expansion team. For just two minutes in my imagination, I had tears flowing from my eyes from the joy and gratitude I had felt in that moment, receiving all the recognition that my makes my personality tic. I thought wow, it's that simple. The rest of the day was a breeze! I found myself in effortless creation and believing that "easy does it." I truly felt like an avatar walking on water in a very humble and kind sense. I could feel my energy in such a high vibration that people really were looking at me like I was someone really important wearing that work from home button! All the reflections of myself today showed me that I am well-respected in what I do and that made me feel so awesome!

I'm eager to see what's next. Let's continue turning the pages and on to new chapters!

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