Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reflecting on Many Inner Messages-Day 49

As the world turns. Many inner messages have been revealing themselves to me through intuition, reading, guidance,and physical mentors. The transition of Michael Jackson had stirred many emotions within myself. Quite shocking and sad his passing, however, the view I take from it is a blessing. His soul choose to leave the earth as it has fulfilled it's mission in life. Michael not only left a strong message of love and healing but he also left a legacy that will touch millions who are not even born yet. This is quite a revelation. Michaels passing has also brought me to a place of deep reflection in my own life. The emotions that I am feeling in this moment are heavy. I haven't quite felt the emotion of grieving before. I did really good all of my life trying to stuff emotions down, numb the pain and not have to deal with it. As I have matured spiritually and personally I have learned to express them, feel them, and feel safe in them. This is not an easy process. I have been releasing a lot of guilt and bringing unconscious behaviors into the light of my consciousness. I have been expanding and venturing into unknown territory. I have surrendered to knowing. I am often in awe of my journey and just how much I have been through to grow. When I reflect on my life in such a short five years of being in Herbalife, I have grown, been stretched, reached out and expanded. Today is an inspiring day. Although I am mesmerized with my findings, I am thrilled and eager to see where I will be headed next. Many wonderful and great things are transpiring here in Herbalife Hawaii, and we all are stepping up and stepping out. The way the Universe is conspiring in our favor as always, it's interesting watching my life unfold.

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