Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monitor What You Say

I feel so strongly about this topic that I am inspired to blog it today.
So much of what we say, of what comes out from our mouths is in the truest form of who we are (at the time.) As we begin the journey of personal development and we do our best to keep a log, and hold ourselves accountable to change, we also begin the habit of changing our vocabulary.
Through personal and spiritual development we learn a new language. Now before all of this change began to take place in my life, my vocabulary was nothing short of four letter words. All the time. I didn't know how to express myself without using a four letter word.
So now, after consistent study, I not only speak the language of personal development, I live it.

So listen to yourself as you speak. Note especially anytime you (a) let your words limit you, or (b) set something in motion you might not want in motion.
Watch for sentences where you are talking about the past. Because the more you talk about the past, the more past you put into the future.
Watch out for sentences like "I can't take this anymore," "I'll never get it right," "This is killing me," or even "It's to die for!"
The latter sentence is one that I have found that I used to say until I realized that I do not want to die for chocolate or any dessert that is just really good.
Another sentence that I've found to change is "Crack myself up." Now if you look at the sentence and take it literally, why would I want to crack myself up? As innocent as it may be the Universe still hears you. Your body is listening. Everything you say is on speaker phone and that is what we set into motion. So I've changed my wording consciously to "I laugh myself up." This is what I actually desire to set into motion. Simple.
When you are aware of this simple lesson and principle, you think before you speak. Everything else that comes from a higher source or that is inspired to come out from you will not have words that limit you. This takes conscious effort and practice and it's worth it.
I remember what Louise Hay said, "If you find yourself saying something you don't necessarily want to take place, quickly say, "Cancel."
I remember one of my mentors Kellie Hosaka used to bite her tongue before anything she would regret saying later come out from her mouth.
Another suggestion is hanging around higher level people. Mentors and coaches do not allow you to speak what you don't want. They catch you and make you conscious. You have no choice but to elevate yourself. This is what I learned from my mentors and coaches.
And this I live everyday.
Have compassion for those who continue to post into their status feeds. I know I got to remind myself everyday when I see it. The reason is because they don't know, that they don't know.

Golden Rule, If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.


  1. Great post Shannon! This is not always an easy one to follow, however, as we all practice over and over, we begin to speak different words. I found after I once bite my tongue so hard it bled, that I now I stop the words because I associated it with the pain of my tongue.
    It really does work, however, I will say difficult to do in the beginning. Totally worth it to change this habit though. It takes constant practice each and everyday.
    Thank you for the beautiful post.

    Kellie :)