Saturday, March 21, 2009

Being More of Who I Already Am.

I feel inspired today to blog this topic because this week, this life, this moment, has been nothing short of extraordinary. When I am here reflecting on my life, the people, the friendships, mySelf, I can't help myself from saying "WOW!" how did I ever reach this place? I feel happy, I'm peaceful, I'm grounded, I'm thankful, and when I reflect on these things, the things that are going great in my life, more of the same continues to appear. An endless cycle of expansion.

As a result of immersing myself into success principles and habits I have become very "in tuned" with who I am. I have developed an "awareness" that cannot be explained, you must develop your own to experience what I do on a day to day, moment to moment basis. I'm able to know when I require to do certain things at certain times. For example, one of the essences or qualities I am currently developing is my ability to allow myself to explore my emotions. I am an emotional character by personality type. All my life I have buried my emotions deep within because I had to be the tough gal, arrogant, I could take care of myself kind of attitude. Until recently when my mentor told me that that is who I am. I am emotional and I am sensitive. So be okay with it. Give yourself permission to be who you already are. Let your emotions go and let them show. One way I give myself permission to be emotional is through watching movies. I love a good drama that makes me well up in tears because it reaches the depth within me. I watched Remembering the Titans the other day. It reminded me of what I'm passionate about, and it's not football. I am passionate about accepting others, passionate about living truth that "We Are One" and that there is no boundaries, or limitations that can stop us. Gosh I had a good joyful cry! I've learned that this is what "I" require for growth, to continue "remembering." For you it may be something different. The important thing is that you know what that is for you. Search for "it." Commit to the learning. It's all a beautiful process to keep growing. At each new level of growth you see a little bit higher. I realize that when I give myself permission to be more of who I already am, the more of that bigger someone steps out and shines!

Love & Light,

Shannon Tecson

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