Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Is For Acceptance

I am again inspired to blog this topic of acceptance, only because it is such an important part of happiness, contentment, health, and growth that some people have called it "the first law of personal growth."
A very important aspect to perceiving acceptance is key. Acceptance is not the same as liking, or being happy about, or even condoning. It is simply seeing something the way it is and saying "That's the way it is." It's seeing what's going on and saying "That's what's going on."
I remember in those early days of being an entrepreneur that I used to sleep in alot. I would have this incredible day planned the night before only to wake up a few hours late. I used to mentally punish myself for being a failure and the mental chatter would go on and on until, I'd fall back asleep because I was drained.
Had I "accepted" that it is what it is I would've been more productive. I no longer suffer from those days because I have learned that "It is what it is."

What a freedom it is to experience this!

Lesson is to accept whatever you do. Learn to even accept your lack of acceptance. Here's a twist: When you're not accepting something, accept your non-acceptance of it.
Accept everything around you.
Accept that people have opinions. Opinions are just people's perspective of how they see "their" world. The world is a colorful place as a result of this. If you feel people aren't accepting you, the question would be first "What is it in your life that you are not accepting?" Once you begin accepting yourself, people and things, the world begins to mirror this right back at you.
Accept it all, why not? This is a beautiful life and a beautiful journey.
Self-acceptance will help you to endure your self and endure others.

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