Friday, March 27, 2009

The Daily Work to Being Exceptional

This topic is called the Daily Work. Yes, it's daily work on the journey to being exceptional. However I feel inspired to continue my transparency when it comes to these moments in time. I've accepted that I am exceptional. When you receive your life at this caliber and accept it, the response-ability becomes very much crucial to your passing the "tests."
Living life as a master will teach you how to respond to situations, rather than react. When our own creations test us, the question would be "How would a Master handle this?" In Herbalife we say "What would Mark do?" or if you want to emulate a certain leader in your life you would ask yourself "What would ___ do?" And you listen for the answer.
A master's test is to always be an "observer" of yourself. To detach ourselves from any situation takes willingness and practice. I am learning that it has become a continous journey to explore my emotions and allow them to come and go like the tides. I'm learning to allow myself to feel the emotions and track the feeling back to it's originating thought, especially if the emotion feels negative. When there is a negative feeling there within me, I am in the process of training myself to reflect on what am I thinking. Today the originating thoughts were coming from being judgemental and having non-acceptance. I'm being very clear here because this is where the work is. The work is going back to those thoughts and asking if it's really true? I willingly forgive myself for having those thoughts. I pick up the phone and ask my mentors for a higher perspective so that I can make a shift. This is especially crucial when you find yourself continuing to hang on to that negativity. You gotta ask for help. Don't be silly to stay in it. Jill Bolte Taylor says 90 seconds that's it! And if you find yourself stuck in it for more than that, then you have to observe that. My mentor tells me to observe the neuro-nets or old patterns and programs. This is all part of the process and test. And yes, it takes someone very exceptional to be willing to go through this entire process daily on a moment to moment basis. This is truly an adventure and I'm in love with it!

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