Saturday, December 5, 2009

When Souls Choose to Leave

It's been an interesting year for us to see the most dramatic changes in the history of our country, the souls of great legends who have chosen and decided to leave the earth place because their journey here has ended.
Today is a day when one of our great mentors Jim Rohn has chosen to leave. From choosing to see things in a much higher perspective in serving the greater good, his timing to leave has been planned and Divine in all aspects.
On Sunday, December 6, 2009, all of our great and leaders in Herbalife will be attending the future president's retreat where the company will begin our future planning as we move forward as a company to serve the many. With the passing of Jim, I feel the impact this will make upon us is for the best. We will have to become more stronger, more unified, and better than before. Jim has left us with a great opportunity to shine with the timeless wisdom he has left us with. He's passed the torched and now it's up to us to become all that we can in this lifetime the way Jim did. With Jim's spirit with us as we enter the president's retreat, I believe only good will prevail and the truth will always prevail. We are living in an extraordinary time.

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