Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Overcoming Personal Challenges Help Us to Teach

Many changes have happened in my life since logging in four months ago. This is a journey of learning, growing, accepting, BEing, doing, sharing and giving. I must admit that there has been alot of challenge in my life, many lessons, some repeated until I finally realized that I was the one who really needed to change in one or two particular areas.
You know sometimes we hit the wall so many times until we surrender and give in. We put our tails between our legs and admit that some things we just don't know. This is when things really begin to shift. Often painful and tragic we really don't have to wait for this until we decide to make changes.
Now is really a time where we begin to implement everything we've learned up until this point in life. With the knowledge, growth, and growing pains, we must realize that the people we lead that now come into our lives will benefit from what we've been through. There is no doubt about this anymore.
The opportunities to serve the people coming into our lives will make us better and loving human beings. Everything I've been through with my health, experiences, and relationships have been used to teach me how to help others going through these experiences now.

Take the opportunities to get better. Have the courage to declare what you want and watch the magic begin. It's often not shown in the ways you are expecting it to be. Trust the process. Be patient. Trust that there is a God that is always on your side. And always, always remember...that everyone, absolutely everyone in your life is your mirror. They will mirror the good, the bad and most times the ugly. Stand with acceptance and have the courage to take responsibility for them, thank them and make those changes internally until the world reflects the loving beings we truly are.

Blessings to you,
Shannon Tecson

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