Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Daily Steps To Enjoying The Journey

I am often reminded that life is a journey, not a destination. A journey of self discovery into the unknown is a not often a delightful way of approaching it, however this perspective could often change when we change the way we look at things. I've learned that everyday must be treated and respected as a "brand new" day. This means we approach life as if we have another chance to do it right. This means we bring into the new day no regrets, no guilt, no self-sabotage. We can choose to bring into the new day emotions of self-appraisal, and looking for ways and reminders to keep us in the joy of who we are. A great reminder to keep me in this gratitude to be alive is a gratitude journal. Every morning, every evening I write five things. Sometimes it can be more than five things. Writing in the morning is easy, and sometimes in the evening, it can be a battle in the mind because of laziness. However, in the end, I win over because I remind myself of the consequences if I don't write and lose into laziness.
I have learned that everything in life is a lesson. The choice is to learn it or not.
I have decided that my life is about surrender. This makes my life easy because I have the permission to not have to know everything. I can lean on a higher power to assist me everyday. This too can be a battle because my little ego wants to be in control, always wanting to know "how" things will be done. I remind myself that where I want to go, I've never been, so it is impossible to do things on my own.
I love the decision I make to myself everyday to "see" the little miracles working in my life. I see the Divine working in my life and that I take no credit for. My life at the end of day is given in thanks to the Infinite who makes all things possible.

With love and light,
Shannon Tecson


  1. These are great words of wisdom. I love the thoughts of "all things possible" that is a wonderful thought to embrace for me.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Tom Bailey

  2. Aloha Tom,
    You're very welcome. Thank you for your comment and for stoppping by. I look forward to connecting with you.

    With love and light,