Thursday, June 17, 2010

YOU Can Be a Generational Blessing

I have been so inspired lately by the books of Joel Osteen only because I believe I am always connected to a Source of Power that is much greater. I was intrigued by this reading and wanted to share this with all of you. It can apply to every choice we make in our lives, in our businesses and all aspects of becoming a better you for future generations to follow.
What is a generational blessing or curse and how can you break free from the patterns?

I read of an interesting study done in 1993 by the United States military. They were curious about what traits get passed down from one generation to the next. We know that our physical traits do. What about emotional, mental, and spiritual characteristics? What about bad attitudes, and addictions? Or what about good qualities such as integrity, compassion, and godliness? Can they be passed down as well?
The researchers extracted some white blood cells from a volunteer and they carefully placed them in a test tube. They then put a probe lie detector machine down in that test tube, to measure the person's emotional response.
Next, they instructed this same volunteer to go a couple of doors down and watch some violent scenes from an old war movie. When this man watched the scenes, even though the blood that was being tested was in another room, when he got all uptight and tense, that lie detector test shot off the page. It was detecting his emotional response even though the blood was no longer in his body.
The experimenters did this with person after person with the same results. They concluded that the blood cells seem to "remember" where they came from! Fascinating!
So, this means that sickness, addictions and wrong mind-sets can be passed down also, but so can other good habits.
We need to understand that the generations are connected. You are sowing seeds for future generations. Whether you realize it or not, everything you do counts. Every time you persevere, every time you are faithful, every time you serve others, you are making a difference; you're storing up equity in your "generational account."

With this information, it makes it clearly to see that we all have "inherited" some generational curse AND blessings from our forefathers or mothers from the past. I can see in many areas of my life I carry out things that my parents did whether good or bad, and I can in many areas of my life where I carry out many positive things that I have inherited from the good my family has done and left me with.
Maybe you weren't raised by parents who set you up for success by planting positive characteristics in your family line. Possibly you've inherited attitudes of defeat, mediocrity, addictions, and negativity. But thank God, you can start a new family line. YOU can be the one to set the new standard!

So how can we change some of the curses and turn them into blessings for your future generations?

Somebody has to be willing to pay the price. Somebody has to step up and clear the leftovers on the table. Negative things may have happened in your bloodline, but they don't have to stay in your bloodline. All it takes is for one person to rise up and start making better choices. Every right choice you make begins to overturn the wrong choices of those who have gone before you.
Don't take the easy way out. Keep doing your best even when it's difficult. Keep loving, giving, and serving. Your faithfulness is noticed in heaven. You are storing up equity for both yourself and generations to come.
Indeed you may have good reason for feeling the way you do. But you can still choose to take the high road. Don't give in to negativity! That stuff will get into your blood and be passed down.
I heard somebody say, "Your blood always speaks." What they meant is your blood is "charged" with your experiences. It remembers, as was illustrated by that military study. A hundred years from now, your blood will still speak to future generations. In some way, either positively or negatively, your bloodline will affect others in your family line.
What will your blood say? Defeat? Mediocrity? Unforgiveness? Bitterness?
No, I believe with all the resources that are available today, Your blood will speak: Determination.
Compassion. Persistence. Integrity. Godliness. Generosity. Favor. Faith and victory!

I am forever grateful to my grandmother who has passed down those powerful bloodline traits of forgivness, godliness, compassion, generosity, and to myself who will pass down the rest!

Thank you so much to Joel Osteen, who showed up when the student was ready to hear such insightful wisdom to apply into my everyday thinking and life.

With love and light,


  1. Aloha Shannon,

    Great post and yes it's true. In Quantum Physics, it's called Entanglement. Here's a video by Dr. Quantum explaining this:

    Because we are all connected.

    Kellie :)

  2. Love the post Shannon! Wow, is all I can say.