Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Lesson Taken From The Movie "Alive"

Masterminding and gathering information from successful people is no doubt enriching all of our lives. I wanted to share a lesson from my friend Lilith Nix on what she got from watching the movie "Alive."

In October 1972 a plane carrying a Rugby team of 45 from Uraguay to Chile crashes in the Andes. The survivors fend for themselves amidst the cold, in spite of injuries, and with a very limited supply of food. For 72 days they struggle to survive with only 16 actually surviving to be rescued in December.
The weaker survivors of the crash died first and only the strong were left to survive.

The story goes, that they called off the "search and rescue team." This was great news! Great news? Well you might thinking, how can that be great news when the survivors ended up having to eat their teammates just to survive? When the rescue team was called off, this caused the survivors to "think creatively."

Many of us are still "waiting" for the search and rescue team to come and save us. Save us from the economy, hand me a bailout, how's about some entitlement from some disability, how's about you owe me this, and you owe me that? "Come and rescue me" we shout out.

The good news is no one is coming to rescue us. We must now rescue ourselves and take matters and our futures into our own hands.
As entrepreneurs we deal with this daily. We believe "if its meant to be, then it's up to me." And we have adapted the "values" and the "mindset" of an entrepreneur versus the values and the mindset of an employee. This list was shared by my mentor Kellie Hosaka.

Employee Mindset
-Values Security
-Values Money
-Values Survival
-Believes in Struggle
-Believes in Scarcity
-Believes in Competition
"I'll Contribute One Day"
-Looks at the External
-Lives in The Past
"I Must Do It Myself"

-Values Freedom
-Values Time
-Values Joy, Happiness
-Believes in Ease
-Believes in Abundance
-Believes in We Are One
"I Will Contribute Now"
-Looks Within
-Lives in The Present
-Trusts the Journey

With this to think about and to decide upon which "mindset" we will shift from and into daily, I'd like to leave you with a quote...
"Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you."

May love and light continue to guide your path...

Shannon Tecson


  1. Fantastic post Shannon! I love the analogy with the movie Alive. (Thanks to Lilith also!) You are so right, no one is coming to 'rescue' us... time to get up and take control of our lives! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Very interesting post Shannon! I agree that the mindset has great influence into how one thinks about current situations. That in turn effects the choices available to a person in that same situation.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

    Best Regards,


  3. Loved your concept about employee mindset and entrepreneur mindset...believes in the journey. What a powerful movie..the strong will survive. Thanks Shannon!

  4. Aloha Shannon,
    Thank you for your continuous contribution to assist many people around the world.
    Thank you for being part of our mission to take nutrition around the entire world!
    Kellie :)

  5. Aloha Kellie,
    I've discovered that it is in the "giving" that we recieve such blessings. It's an opportunity and a gift. Thank you for being such an amazing leader and mentor. A beautiful woman with such qualities one can emulate towards success!

  6. That is a very good analogy. When we are young we rely on our parents. Then we rely on teachers. Then we rely on employers. Then we rely on the government to take care of us. The bible says "God helps those that rely on others."

    I was just kidding and you believed me, didn't you? The bible really says "God helps those that help themselves."

  7. LOL! Aloha Chuck, I did! got me there...I was like NO "He" did not say that! Thank you for commenting :)

  8. Thanks Shannon. Loved your last post. Would like to invite you to visit me at my blog. I think we have a lot in common - Aloha Nui Loa