Thursday, April 2, 2009

Definition of Decide:
-to Cut Off
-to bring to a Definitive End
-to Conclude
I've decided to get out from this comfort zone. I've been comfortable for too long. Now is my time to get uncomfortable, to stretch, to take a reflective look at the fear of success.Just reflecting on this topic I can already feel the resistance and the excitement at the same time which is good sign that I'm on track. I've been uncomfortable before in other areas of my life that caused me to stretch and grow in those areas.
The excitement for me comes from identifying the area that I must explore. I know I must "go there" knowing that this is the mountain that causes me to take a step forward and two steps back. I realize that I have the fear of success. I'm going there to explore it, to question it, to see deep down inside if that is the truth for me.
My homework is draw a line down the middle of the paper and on the left side I write "Advantages from not changing" and on the left "Disadvantages of not changing" then after that list goes the "Advantages of change" and then the "Disadvantage of change."
hmmm...This is going to be fun!

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